Strong Schools For Colorado Kids

All Coloradans should have a fair shot at success – and the path to success starts with getting a great education. But unfortunately, the great teachers Colorado’s kids need to succeed are few and far between, especially in our rural communities.


This is especially true for math and science teachers in the state’s smallest districts. Attracting new educators to rural locales has always been a challenge and it’s only getting harder as our state grows. We need thousands of new teachers just to keep up.  

Growing Colorado's economy so that it works for all of us depends on developing a talented workforce. Businesses need well-educated workers if they are to expand and prosper.

This year our legislature has an opportunity to help rural schools find and keep the teachers they need and also help families put aside money for college once those kids graduate. The bill provides a sliding scale for Colorado’s College Invest Fund, which helps families who make less than $100,000 sae for college. It also creates a tax credit that increases each year for five years, providing an incentive for teachers build their careers in the rural communities that need their help the most.

Check back to see if your elected officials voted to give students a fair shot of success: